Cure suicidal thoughts

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Life Hack: one small bit of kindness that is more than you usually do for someone down and out can save a life.

Why: people who are suicidal are always looking for signs that they should live or that they should die. Sometimes they do not even know they’re looking for signs but they are. When you are kind to someone like giving them an extra $5 or buying them something to eat or turning around and walking back toward them just to say something nice, you actually provide that person with proof that life is worth living and they will go on for another day. It is not a permanent cure, but in that moment you can save a life. Because very few people I am quite certain, can commit suicide right after someone goes out of his or her way to be deliberately and profoundly kind. I know these things because I have been down and out. And I also know these things because I have been around people who are down and out, and they have told me that my smile and greeting kept them going just one more day. I know where of I speak.

Note: I am reasonably certain that if you yourself are feeling suicidal, you can cure yourself at least temporarily by being deliberately kind to someone else. I am sure the cure works for the recipient and for the doer.

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