Almost half million photo views–I am popular

I write reviews for Google reviews and I attach photos to some of the reviews. As you can see from my stat above, my photos on Google reviews are well received. Almost half a million views! My honest opinion: my review writing is quite good while my photos are meh. Yet, given the correct platform that reaches a lot of people, my work attracts lots of interest. I don’t get anywhere near the number of views for my blog. My TikTok Videos typically get a thousand views, which is better than the views my blog gets on WordPress. The lessons: incorporate more visuals and keep trying out platforms bc I know, I just know, that if enough people read a represrntative sample of my blog about Hawaii Street Life, these words that offer an intimte view into the taboo, would go viral and stay that way! My dream of making a living from my writing and videos could come true.

Interested in checking my work on Google reviews. Go to Google maps and look up reviews by Honolulu Door to Door Laundry.

DONATIONS–$1 one time. If you’re willing contact me by email and I will provide the Venmo name you can send your $1 gift.

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