Street Life Hack #48: how to handle terrible ongoing circumstances

Always remember that the once inconceivable, horrendous, no-way-would-I-live-like-that situations will, become ho-hum, given enough time. The great thing about the process of giving up is it takes no effort on your part. Giving up is natural. Fighting to climb out of a pit when the climb is, well, a fight–now that’s tough stuff. Addiction teaches the lesson that the things you thought you’d never do are the first standards to go, and quickly, once you’re thoroughly gripped by the certain “knowledge” that you need your fix, whatever it may be. For example, thought you’d never miss a credit card payment? After addiction you find yourself maxing out all your credit with no way to pay anything, ever. Further along down that road, you can’t even qualify for the credit card that has terms skin to usury. Never stole anything from work for home use? Before you know it you’re getting arrested for theft. Again.. At one time you would cross the street to avoid someone lying there. Now, you hope the street people will accept you so you can join them in the prime sidewalk sleeping area.. I’m keeping the examples lighthearted compared to the reality of the depths you couldn’t have imagined because you didn’t know people did such things. Never you? Change your mantra to, “me too.” And the good and bad news is: you get used to it.

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