I learned a lesson about love–and hate

Unlimited love

Did you know that people have an unlimited supply of love? I never knew this when I was younger. I always believed I would be replaced if someone I was friends with made another friend. Or, when ai lived with people who took in foster children, I firmly believed that my spot as the sometimes-superior kid would be usurped by a new kid. When someone I valued welcomed someone new into their lives, I was extremely hostile to the new person. I did not see that my unreasonable behavior pushed away the very person I tried to hold, and I erroneously thought my belief about the danger of new friends was validated. I did not make new friends. When I made a friend, every now and again I clung to that one person. I was in for a pleasant surprise when I made friends with two guys who had once been in a relationship with each other. Romance was not in the air but friendship was doable. I was amazed to find the truth in the platitude, “I love you both the same.” It was true–I did. I showed amazing, for me, maturity be not feeling the desire to undermine their friendship with each other. I had no favorite and I reasoned that others could have the same equality of affection. Love really does expand to encompass the people available. Life, being the good news, bad news story that it is, reminds me that people have unlimited hatred too.

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