New Paraplegics happier than New Millionaires, and Here’s the reason

Addicts need to understand the serenity prayer BC of twist in our personalities. The Serenity Prayer says “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” I heard a researcher who studies the brain and the power of our thoughts to determine our happiness. He said when people perceive they are in a situation they cannot change they are more likely report feelings of contentment than people who are in great situations they can alter. There is a study demonstrating that people who become paraplegics are more likely to report feeling happy a year later than people who become millionaires after a year of new wealth. Why? Happier being in a wheelchair than being mobile and rich? Yes–bc people make the best of things when they have to. They decide that if this is the way it has to be, they accept that. Not addicts. Addicts will agonize over what they cannot change, like how a dead parent treated them. Addicts will think of those long gone with the same feelings of rage that they felt when the people were alive and influencing their lives Addicts never come to a belief of, that’s how it is and I am ok with it. Many feel that the inability to be ok with the immutable fuels using drugs, as people seek solace their minds cannot give. I think people in wheelchairs are happier than the mobile and wealthy because they get the essential fact that one must accept one’s fate, happy, or be miserable, for nothing. It seems like Addicts feel being angry about a situation so.ehow gives them power, power to change things, or if not outward this is, than the power to be angry. Once a person is paralyzed for life and there is NOTHING, to be done about it, the option to make the best of it looks mighty appealing. Acceptance means “that’s the way it is and I’m ok with it.” Genuine misfortune of a permanent nature might be the best motivational experience. Self-pity is a luxury you don’t have when the only change in your situation is your mindset.

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