The 12 Hottest College Cheerleading Squads? Really? 1 picture

Have we really made any leaps in gender roles? I thought cheerleading had become a sport in its own right, to be taken seriously. Now this. And just when they almost had me convinced that the Miss America pageant was a scholarship competition and not a beauty contest. I have to ask, what are the hottest college football teams? For all we know maybe guys would be just as interested, though we can’t even pretend that same sex interest isn’t a secret. Let us say that we admit cheerleading isn’t a sport but is about beauty and short skirts. Why doesn’t any one of the beauties look like me? In my day I was told I was beautiful countless times, for years, but now we have gone back to the Eurocentric standard of white, blond beauty. Sigh… I know I can’t beat ’em so I decided to join ’em and get readers by incorporating the picture into the post title. I know people want a taste of that white and blond beauty. What a sad day.

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