MIND BLOWING Viral vid shows the RIGHT way to be a Stage Parent


Big Respect to these dads ❤️

I have always embraced The stereotype of the stage parent as abusive and pushing their dreams on their kids. I have never seen anybody gently correct a child or show the way it’s supposed to be done, teaching that is. I am so impressed that I have seen a new way to do things, a new way to parent, a new way to talk to people, a new way to be. And every time I see something that is new that contradicts what I have previously “known” I realize that maybe everything I think to be true is false, and maybe I can change my life simply by changing the things that I think. Yes I know you’ve heard all of this before but here’s the new thought that I want to present with you you can make a change there’s a catch though. I need examples. You can’t change your thoughts with your same thoughts, and where you going to get new thoughts? You’re going to get new thoughts by seeing new things and having new experiences. And where you going to have new experiences on a day-to-day basis? The internet and the moral old-fashioned way through books and yes, even television! You can’t just simply change the way you think by wishing. You need lessons. Just like we need lessons in order to speak a new language with our mouths, we need lessons in order to speak a new mind language to ourselves. You have to see the new way to be just as you were taught to think the way you do you have to be taught to think anyway so get out there and look at things on the internet that you’ve never looked at before expand your mind give things a chance. Look at something that you think you would be totally uninterested in seeing and find a new way to think. Because without a new way to think you will never change. And here’s a bonus a new way to think of things will change your life because your memory of things will change all your life really is is memories. If you change your memories, you change your life! So if you want a new life look at new stuff.


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