Life on the Streets➡️Stories of Sex, Drugs, but no Rock and Roll


I am a respectable ivy league educated x-hooker sharing her experiences as a street level sex worker in Honolulu at the turn of the 21st century. By respectable, I mean I have words to share that can benefit you. In these days of society wide opioid addiction there’s a widespread desire to understand the world of addiction. Once drugs becomes a factor, sex will enter into the situation as prostitution becomes a way to support one’s habit as a reliable way to get cash every day when you start the day with nothing.

The purpose of My Writing For Me

If I can take my experiences and turn them into life lessons for others then I have transformed that post collegiate time from a waste of a mind to a benefit for the world. To be cringingly honest, my mission is to earn redemption by educating and entertaining the world with stories of the outcast told in the language of the elite.

The Purpose of My Writing For You

Do you have questions about sex? I’ve seen enough to supply you with answers. Do you want to know about drugs? I’m an expert there too. Are you looking for exposure to the side of society that fascinates you, without having to participate? You can entertain yourself by being adventurous by proxy–through me you can see.

Unique words in a world where we have seen it all–mostly

You won’t get this insight anywhere else. I am not the only educated person to slip away to the streets. But I may be the only one who wanted to believe she was not really on the streets but was doing research. I took notes, kept records. I’ve seen other educated people get out of the life and go back to what they had. I never had people to return to, so I stayed on the fringes where I was welcome to sit among people. From this vantage point, I started the anonymous recordings. You’ll never know who said the words, you’ll only know they are real.

Secret drug recordings, hidden sex stories, be adventurous through me, your proxy on the street.

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