About expertescort2018.com or harvardxhookerinhi, June 2020

Short Version: Caroleena is a Harvard graduate who turned to the drug addicted streets of Honolulu to support her habit. She engaged in different forms of prostitution: low dollar streetwalking, high dollar escort services through agencies, and with the introduction of the internet, online advertising. She uses her elite education and her experiences in the prestigious segment of society, to tell her 1st person stories of living as pariah due to her profession, her gender, her race, and her life in foster care. Her blog talks about sex and today’s sexual issues that are too taboo to openly discuss but about which everyone wants to know but dare not ask. There are sexy pix but it is not porn. Her stories are blushingly honest, uniquely insightful and surprisingly funny. The words edify and entertain and they are written by someone you might have judged as your inferior before you knew her. Let the paradigm shifting begin!

Caroleena’s Words

Life is a good news bad news story. The good news is you can get used to anything. But you know what the bad news is? You can get used to anything. The once inconceivable can become humdrum. You’re like, when did this happen? When you notice, that is.

Caroleena, on what it’s like to abandon your standards to addiction

All men are gay. Especially after they start smoking ice. You know why men dressed as women make the most money on the street? It’s how men show women one more way they don’t need us. And the guys want the magic to do them! They don’t want them to do what a woman could do. It’s the best kept secret men have that women don’t know about.

Interview with long time Honolulu working girl Mandee, expressing her feelings about the men she has known.

Just because I like them doesn’t mean they don’t have to pay me. It’s their chance to get me to like them more. They all want to be my favorite. They know how to make that happen.

Working girl Heaven commenting on men who suggest that since they like each other they shouldn’t have to pay.

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