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  • Its impossible to stay sane and read online comments

    Its impossible to stay sane and read online comments

    I had no idea that black woman are hit especially hard by cruel comments on the internet. I thought it was just me, something about me was off-putting. Maybe but maybe not. Now that I heard on NPR that others who look like me have the exact same experience with comments that are ageist, racist,…

  • expertescort2018.com/2019/01/10/hooker-life-hack-9-beware-of-the-truth/

  • My Readers are Uncommonly Awesome

    My Readers are Uncommonly Awesome

    I received my first inappropriate comment today. It was not even that vulgar. It was speculation about my skill level. Such words do not deter me and I answered that imagining I am awesome at anything and everything makes total sense. Then the obvious hit me. I have been writing for over 3 years. I…

  • A Sex Worker’s Client Speaks

    A Sex Worker’s Client Speaks

    What He Says I am so glad that in over 34 years in the hobby as a client, I NEVER had a “date” with a lady who was an addict. Hell, most of them rarely drank alcohol. To be honest though, I only dated high – end escorts/call girls who were true independents. And their…