Red Light Hawaii is not just an area but a collection of things people are against in public but embrace when they think no one can see them underground world of things people are not supposed to want to do because they are illegal or socially unacceptable includes drugs, gambling, prostitution, fluid gender identity, incarceration, government corruption, racism, homelessness, domestic abuse, theft…and at the root of it all: secret taboo sexual desires. This site is, mostly, set in the year 2000 and is narrated by Caroleena, a half black/white, native New Yorker and recent Harvard graduate who finds the Backstreets of Honolulu where she sees a heretofore unsuspected way of life. She joins this lifestyle to escape the emptiness left in the wake of finding her birth mother but failing to find a family who welcomed her. By combining academic skills in writing with a treasure trove of experiences, Caroleena brings a unique perspective that entertains and enlightens with stories, interviews, secret video, and anime telling the tales of everything red light in Hawaii

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