Top of her class at Harvard, Later Shackled to her fellow max custody inmates, our heroine has stories to tell

If you’d like to come and talk later that’d be great. I do not have *services,” but what I’m doing is an unconventional approach to an A&E style Biography/Autobiography, for which I receive feedback. I’m imitating an A&E style but sharply diverging into a (I hope) unique method of telling my story mixed with other people’s to create a character (Caroleena) who embodies downtown. Everything I have written is true, just not necessarily MY truth (lol!). The words that best describe the words in this blog: Titillating, sensual, political, smart, sexy, funny, snobbish. a non-pc look at someone who appears to have no secrets to conceal. “Just a black hooker, your mind will whisper before you remind yourself you don’t talk that way. Except…you do.  Here’s the thing, our heroine Caroleena falsely appears to be a simple, forgettable person once you set aside her striking good looks. On the surface you think you’ve seen her many times before. Superficially,

I don’t look good–for my age. THIS is what my age looks like. Just a point of clarification! Lol.

she seems to be no deeper than a demographically correct (my term) street dweller- half black/white middle-age, out-of-stater/outsider, low income woman with a record of possession. People think they know her type. But she has no type except in one way-she is nothing like you expect her to be. You find this truth bc she welcomes you into her world. She is out on the street looking for someone who is also looking for her. They will find each other. We will talk about all the lessons learned from Red Light Honolulu, back when our heroine, Caroleena, was “out there” as people say to signify someone living an off track life. You, dearest Reader, you knew she was off track and you think you know this woman who appears to epitomize the underclass. However, everything else about her is mind blowing. Caroleena is a representative of the upper class even as she is a paraiah. She memorized books by age 2, graduated from Harvard at the top of her class (Magna cum laude). She uses her time on the street to assemble a collection of stories and interviews, along with video, that taken together form an Anthropology ethnography about the addicted subculture in Honolulu and the people they interact with like doctors, tricks, gamblers, outreach workers, politicians. Scroll through this blog for an intro to her world where you do not want to stay but cannot help wanting to visit (often)…. are you intrigued?

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